The Tethered Elements-A Dice Oracle

  • The Tethered Elements-A Dice Oracle

The Tethered Elements is a cleromantic oracle that utilizes a pair of special dice for divination created by Eric J. Millar. Eric's previous oracular works include The Disruption Generator, The Impossible Game, and BOTTOMLESS BAG.

From the introduction:
The Tethered Elements is a minimalist oracular device which utilizes a simple roll of dice to reveal one of thirty six possible outcomes. It is an attempt to concentrate and amplify the set of twelve existential archetypes featured in the symbols covering two six-sided dice. These archetypes have been distributed in such a way that they should bring about certain correspondences and conflicts to help create a helpful narrative in aid to your quandaries and queries.
It is my hope that in using this set of symbols on these dice you might be inspired to cultivate a more playful nature in your oracular work. Though the need for assistance may be dire or serious, the path that gets you to a possible answer does not need to be. Not every problem requires a complex layout that brings you down a perilous path of self discovery. Sometimes all you need is CANDY LAND.

This is a pre-order for The Tethered Elements. Orders will be accepted from February 5th until March 5th. Orders should begin shipping at the end of March.

You will receive 2 custom six-sided dice and a 12 page instruction booklet that contains the entire oracular system and features new artwork by Eric J. Millar.
There will be bonuses for higher order levels. If 50 sets are ordered there will be a special third six-sided dice added to every order. If 100 sets are ordered the dice will be a up sized to 19mm instead of 16mm.